Organizations can save money, increase productivity, and improve overall workforce wellbeing by offering our condition management programs for those employees suffering from chronic conditions. Cardiovascular health, diabetes, obesity, pulmonary illnesses, behavioral health conditions, and musculoskeletal related injuries are generally the top cost drivers for most organizations. When you implement our condition management programs, we will ensure your population’s health status is continually improved, costs less and is more productive.

Personalized Approach

Our trained Clinicians, Wellness Coaches, and Registered Dietitians take the time to get to know each person’s unique health situation and help them make positive changes. We help employees gain an understanding of the risks associated with their chronic illnesses and devise customized plans to improve their health. A thorough review of lifestyle, personal, and family health histories allows us to identify risk factors for disease and create a personalized action plan to make the necessary changes and achieve their goals. This personalized approach has been proven to not only improve health and reduce absenteeism, but also to increase productivity and cut costs.

Key Components of our Programs

One-on-one coaching

Disease-specific education

Self-care and management strategies

Dietary planning and physical activity goals

Medication adherence to close gaps in care

Lifestyle modification and ongoing monitoring

 Condition Management Programs

Cardiovascular Disease

Our program focuses on seven key health factors which have been proven to successfully combat cardiovascular disease; knowing your risk, nutrition, physical activity, managing stress, healthy weight, smoking cessation, and controlling diabetes.


Our diabetes prevention program coupled with our diabetes self-management, education, and support services, offer a targeted and tiered approach to improve the patient experience, control costs, and enhance health outcomes.

Metabolic Syndrome

Our program focuses on six key health areas to address metabolic syndrome: nutrition, physical activity, stress management, quality sleep, healthy weight, and tobacco cessation to improve the patient experience, control costs, and enhance health outcomes.

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  • The benefits of having a dedicated diabetes healthcare team
  • Strategies for employers to prevent and manage diabetes in their workforce

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