Workplace Safety

Combining AI with Personalized Coaching
to Mitigate Health and Safety Risks

When it comes to your team’s well-being, there’s no room for compromise! Join the revolution in workplace health and safety today.

Workplace Safety

Combining AI with Personalized Coaching
to Mitigate Health and Safety Risks

At Ramp Health, we understand that ensuring a safe work environment is paramount. That’s why we’ve partnered with Soter Analytics, combining AI with personalized coaching.

Our expert Injury Prevention Coaches deliver tailor-made interventions empowering workers to adopt safer behaviors.

Through personalized guidance, they instill a culture of safety that resonates throughout your organization. Integrating smart technology and Injury Prevention Coaching allows for real-time visual assessments of worker movement patterns. With haptic feedback, individuals receive instant corrections to unsafe movements, ensuring they stay on track to injury-free workdays.

With Ramp Health, you’re not just investing in safety – you’re investing in peace of mind, productivity, and a happier, healthier workforce.

Safety & Injury Prevention

Our safety and injury prevention coaches focus on helping individuals prevent and manage injuries. Through education, guidance, and support, our coaches teach people how to identify and manage risk factors, recognize and respond to signs of injury, and develop strategies to prevent re-injury. We deliver a holistic approach that encompasses physical, psychological, wellbeing and environmental aspects of safety and injury prevention.

Our coaches provide education on the importance of healthy lifestyle choices, injury prevention techniques, and how to effectively manage an injury. They also work with individuals on developing prevention strategies and provide resources to help them make lifestyle changes that reduce their risk of injury. In addition, our coaches will provide personalized advice and support to help people develop and maintain healthy habits that reduce their risk of injury.

Why Safety and Injury Prevention is important

Our safety and injury prevention coaches are an important tool to help employers looking to both reduce costs associated with workplace injuries and promote a safe and healthy environment for employees.

Additionally, by taking a proactive approach to injury prevention, employers can utilize our coaches to help create an environment that values safety and health, reducing the risk of an employee being injured on the job. Our coaches also help employees develop a comprehensive understanding of how to recognize and respond to potential signs of injury, ensuring that they are not put at risk.

Our programs have helped employers reduce workers’ compensation costs by up to 30%.


Body mindfulness techniques

Understanding areas of the body that require attention to target improvements in flexibility, strength, and physical discomfort before injury occurs.

Body mechanics and posture

Understanding proper postural alignment and movement patterns for key job tasks and workstation setup.

Situational awareness

Staying focused on the job and mindfully aware of surroundings, workstation, job tasks, and physical wellbeing.

Injury prevention thru physical fitness

Committing to physical fitness to improve physical well-being and job performance; exercising safely and effectively to prevent non-work-related overuse or acute injuries.

Musculoskeletal (MSK) discussions

Voluntary, confidential 1-on-1 coaching with the onsite Wellness Coach, coaching worksheets and assessments, stretching and exercise programs, and referral to additional employer, benefits, and safety resources.

Emergency Response

Our healthcare providers are deployed directly to the worksite to deliver proactive injury prevention and clinical services designed to prevent, resolve, and mitigate workplace injuries. Our nationwide staffing capabilities include Certified Athletic Trainers, EMT’s, and Registered Nurses delivering lifestyle and behavior change modification that promote personal accountability for improved health and proper movement on the job. All of our providers are Mental Health First Aid Certified to effectively identify mental health and substance abuse concerns and break down barriers to receiving quality and effective care.

Protecting Your Workforce

We are a national leader in emergency response, providing turnkey COVID-19 testing and vaccination services to states, federal agencies, municipalities, and private organizations.

We have administered over 2.5 million COVID-19 tests and over 500,000 COVID-19 vaccinations in large scale, smaller scale, fixed, semi-permanent, and mobile environments, including several public testing programs for the health departments of 10 states and 5 municipalities. Our expertise in rapid response testing was demonstrated through our work with FEMA, where we swiftly performed over 60,000 POC (point of care) tests in over 50 unique FEMA sites, often within 36-48 hours of receiving the call order. We are proud to have earned 8 highly rated Contract Performance Assessment Reports (CPARs) for our efforts.

See What Our Clients Say

Ramp Health is a responsive contractor that provides very good resources, sound technical approaches, timely communication, and certified staff.
— Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)


Our Emergency Response, Turnkey  Solution

We combine over 25,000 trained healthcare staff, rigorous protocols, and state-of-the-art technology to provide:

State-of-the-Art Technology

Registration, authorization and consent management, scheduling, and results are delivered via a state of the art, HIPAA-compliant platform.

Onsite Medical and Clinical Resources

Services are delivered by our national network of over 25,000 highly trained, certified and credentialed healthcare professionals.

National Rapid Response Capabilities

We can rapidly deploy within 36 hours of receiving notification of a emergency response requirement. We handle all healthcare professional recruitment and scheduling, equipment, logistics, and communication planning and management.

Complete Range of Test Options

We are an accredited CLIA-waived laboratory and can offer a wide variety of FDA EUA authorized point of care antigen and molecular tests, with results in 15-30 minutes. We also offer PCR lab-based testing options with results in 24 hours.

Communication and Language Support

We have a full-time communications team that develops written materials and scripts for all our participant outreach and program promotion. Our technology platform can translate our services into over 100 languages.

Project Management

Project Management includes coordination with key stakeholders at our customers to arrange scheduling and logistics and to ensure that project goals and accountability are met.

Secure Reporting

Test results and population-level data are stored in a secure, HIPAA-compliant, HITRUST certified portal. Participants are notified via email and or text when results are available.

Scalable and Customized Infrastructure

We can scale our services to meet any size requirement, large or small, and offer the flexibility to have fixed, semi-permanent, mobile and/or virtual emergency response solutions.

At-Home Test Kits

We have supplied over 3,000,000 FDA EUA approved rapid COVID-19 OTC tests to states, hospitals, and private clients nationwide. We provide a robust reporting solution that allows individuals to self-report test results, or we can provide proctoring services for self-administration testing. Test kits can be shipped to our customers in bulk or directly to participant homes.

Our Emergency Response Customers:

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