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Digital Health

Unlock the power of a fully personalized digital health experience.

Our digital health platform is designed to give organizations the tools and support they need to help improve the wellbeing of their populations. Our platform offers everything a participant will need, including real-time connections with trusted healthcare providers, engaging content and activities, challenges, reward and incentive programs, and so much more. Plus, clients get the real-time data they need to ensure their programs are successful. 

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It’s All About the Individual

Personalized Participant Experience

Engaging and Empowering Content


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Insight Into
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Better Engagement and Outcomes

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Access to Healthcare Providers

Personalized Participant Experience

Our digital health platform empowers participants by delivering resources and support that meets their unique needs, interests, and health risks, all while tying in their specific benefits offerings. With each interaction, our platform deepens its understanding of participant preferences and priorities, enabling us to provide an even more personalized experience.

Engaging and Empowering Content

By combining advanced algorithms with our powerful personalization engine, our digital health platform delivers the right content at the right time, while enabling providers to quickly and accurately intervene to mitigate health risks. This combined approach helps effectively nudge participants along their wellness journey and enables them to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Best-in-Class User Experience

Data from sources such as wearable devices, biometric screenings, assessments, and provider consults come together to give participants a comprehensive look at their health. Integrating this data into one Health Profile gives participants a more holistic understanding of their health, better equipping them to make informed decisions about their wellness goals and empowering them to make changes with relevant recommended activities.

Insight into What Matters Most

Our living health assessments and proprietary algorithms allow for continuous monitoring of risks and concerns in the most impactful areas, such as chronic conditions, physical activity, sleep, mental health and nutrition. Capturing readiness to change and psychographic segmentation deepens the scope of our insights and impact.

Better Engagement and Outcomes

Consistent interaction with our living assessments, combined with data captured during provider engagement, enables customized, dynamic activities to drive better engagement and health outcomes for individuals and populations. An events calendar and a “My Benefits” hub can also be tailored to your organization’s needs to improve overall engagement and utilization of services.

Access to Healthcare Providers

Using the platform gives participants a direct line of support with their healthcare providers. Appointment scheduling, digital messaging and back-end consult logging makes the platform the hub for total wellness. It transforms to support real time needs and overall wellness as participants work with their providers and gives them the specific tools they need for achieving their health goals.

Content Focusing on the Whole Person


We have activities that help with short- and long-term physical health. Content ranges from lifestyle interventions through stress mitigation, nutrition, and exercise, to chronic condition management and disease management.


Poor personal financial management can lead to a lot of stress on an individual. Those stresses can manifest themselves into many different health risks. With this in mind, we present activities and questions to users around their financial health like ideas for smart shopping and finding a financial advisor.

Mental Health

Relationships and social interaction can play a major role in overall wellbeing. We focus on personal and professional relationships – some examples are childcare, dealing with divorce, or strengthening co-worker collaboration.

Personal Growth

A healthy individual is continually growing personally and professionally. Activities around growth may include ways to find and pursue a passion, learn something new, or improve human capacity on the workplace.

What Our Clients Say

We receive unsolicited comments from people thanking us for bringing digital health to our company. The platform reinforces to our employees that we believe in a culture of health and care about their overall wellbeing.
— Jenna, Westwood

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