Wellness Coaching

Our wellness coaching programs are designed to help participants achieve lasting lifestyle change in the areas of weight and stress management, nutrition, physical activity, tobacco cessation, work/life balance, and life satisfaction. All wellness coaching sessions are entirely confidential and provided by our certified Wellness Coaches.

Whether it’s virtual or in-person, participants get unlimited visits based on their unique circumstances. This tailored approach meets participants where they are, helps them gain new skills, and create actionable goals that move them closer to their highest wellbeing.

For 20+ years, our services have proven to reduce risks, improve employee health, and lower healthcare and workers’ compensation costs with:


Engagement rates among our clients


Members provided health & wellness services


Coaching interactions


Employer locations

Personalized & Accessible

Our certified wellness coaches are behavior change specialists who will help participants achieve lasting results through proven coaching techniques, while also being trusted ally to support them along their health journey. Our coaches motivate employees and work with them to develop personalized health improvement plans. Whether it is helping employees lose weight, exercise more, eat better, reduce stress or whatever factor may be hampering their health, our certified wellness coaches are there to support their efforts every step of the way.

Coaching Experts

Our National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching (NBHWC) certified Wellness Coaches are held to the highest standards. Our training and continuing education programs are designed to equip these coaches with science-backed tools and processes endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine (ASCM) and the American College of Lifestyle Medicine (ACLM) to help people experience lasting change, growth and success.

Collaborative Care

Our teams engage members with personalized wellness coaching and encourage positive behavior changes through seminars and group programs on topics like mindfulness and stress management. Our integrated care team of healthcare clinicians and Registered Dietitians collaborate to create innovative programs that combine wellness coaching, MSK, condition management, behavioral health, and more to bolster participant engagement and overall wellbeing.