Impact Coaching Frequency Has On Healthcare Costs Per Employee


This Client Study was designed to determine if the frequency of onsite coaching sessions had any impact on year-over-year Healthcare Costs per Employee. Our client recently completed their 3rd year of analysis on healthcare claims and population health risks. The analysis was conducted by the client’s benefits consultant, and the University of Michigan’s Health Management Research Center. In addition to onsite coaching, the client had an incentive campaign in place for all employees. The campaign includes requirements for HRA completion, blood work screenings and meeting certain risk criteria. The client also offers a variety of technology based wellness tools and resources. The purpose of the analysis was to measure the impact of one-on-one onsite coaching on annual healthcare costs.


Number of employees included in study


Employee coaching engagement averaged 86% per year. The population prevalence rate for employees at High Risk for Cholesterol, Smoking, Poor Physical Activity and Stress decreased by an average of 20%. In addition, employees saw Illness Days decrease by 4% and Health Age Index improve by 20%. The analysis also showed that as the frequency of one-on-one onsite coaching sessions per employee increases, the healthcare costs per employee decreases. In fact, healthcare costs for employees coached 10+ times over the three-year period were ≈$1,400 lower per employee as compared to employees coached 0-4 times per year.



Lower healthcare costs per employee