9-year Analysis of Employee Engagement and Risk Management Journey in Controlling Claims Costs – Construction Industry

This case study examines a large construction services company recognized for its partnership with innovative technology platforms. The company specializes in developing capability-enhancing data centers across the U.S. and is distinguished for its expertise in diverse market segments. The company has earned recognition for undertaking large and complex projects, fostering innovation, embracing emerging technologies, and making a difference for its clients, employees, and community. With over 10,000 employees, the company completes $15 billion of construction on 1,500 projects each year.

In 2015, this company reinforced its longstanding dedication to lofty objectives and solid commitments to safety, community care, diversity, and community engagement by initiating a strategic alliance with Ramp Health. The $8.7 Million 9-year investment resulted in $67.7 Million* in cost avoidance. This partnership has brought an inclusive array of healthcare specialists to the forefront:

Registered Nurses

Athletic Trainers

Exercise Physiologists

Occupational Therapists

Registered Dietitians

Each professional is not only certified in Mental Health First Aid and OSHA 10 but also trained in the crucial areas of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and HIPAA compliance.

This significant collaboration extends its benefits to a sizable workforce, impacting the well-being of 26,195 employees. It signifies a major advancement in the company’s pursuit of crafting a workplace culture that prioritizes inclusivity, safety, and health awareness.

Services Provided

  • Full Onsite Clinic
  • Case and Claims Management
  • Clinical Safe Behavior Coaching
  • REBAs
  • Job Coaching Analysis
  • Wellness Coaching
  • Education Workshops
  • Mental & Emotional Well-being Support
  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • Data Analytics
  • Safety Reporting
  • Drug Screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Incident Triage

Program Oversight

Daily Operations & Performance

Clinical Provider
Team Lead

Account Manager

Client Relations & Account Oversight

Chief Operating Officer

Vice President
of Client Strategy

Clinical Oversight

Medical Director

3 Laboratory Directors
(All M.D.)

Regulatory Compliance

Director of
Regulatory Affairs

Clinical &
Compliance Manager