13-Year Client Analysis of Aggregate Group Healthcare Costs


This Client Study tracked “Actual vs. Projected” group healthcare costs for a 3,000- life municipality. Data tracking began eight years prior to the implementation of our onsite coaches, and was compiled and presented to us by our client and their benefits consultant. Before contracting with Ramp Health in Year 8 of this analysis, client offered a variety of more traditional health management resources: web portal, 24 hour nurse line, telephonic coaching, DM, etc. Client decided to add onsite coaching to better help their employees live significantly healthier lifestyles, believing what was missing was that human touch: coaches personally assisting employees in areas of nutrition, weight management, exercise, smoking cessation and stress.


Number of employees included in study


Employee coaching engagement averaged 92%, with over 20,000 coaching interactions with employees at all client locations each year. Group Healthcare Costs remained virtually flat for the 5 years subsequent to the implementation of our onsite coaching services. By Year 13, Aggregate Group Healthcare Costs were nearly $20M less than previously projected when study started.



Lower healthcare cost vs. projected