Client Overview

A leading national university in Philadelphia, PA that is home to over 28,000 students and 5,000 faculty and staff and 12 schools consisting of some of the top undergraduate and graduate programs in the world worked with Ramp Health for on-site immunizations. In addition to renown arts and sciences, engineering, and business programs, the school is home world-class nursing, medical, dental, and veterinary schools. The University also houses a nationally ranked hospital. Along with its dedication to high quality clinical research and care, the university is also committed to providing the support, resources, and initiatives to protect the health and safety of the University community.

  Client Need

The university understood that the colder months of fall and winter, along with growing prevalence of new COVID-19 variants, has the potential to create a new COVID-19 wave. In September, new “bivalent” boosters, designed to protect against both the original COVID-19 virus and the Omicron variants, were made available to the public. Unfortunately, these new bivalent vaccines were seeing low adoption, primarily because most people do not know about them or why they are important. The university decided to take a proactive approach. Once the new vaccines were made available, they asked Ramp Health to deploy a COVID-19 booster clinic capable of vaccinating 6,000 people over two days. The university wanted the turn-key service available in three weeks that, consistent with the University’s medical standards of excellence, maintained strict clinical rigor.

  Our Solution

Ramp Health partnered with the school to design a program with the capacity to deliver 6,000 onsite COVID-19 bivalent boosters for students, faculty, and staff over a two-day timeframe. Ramp Health delivered a turnkey experience encompassing vaccine procurement, cold storage management, clinic preparation and operation, staff recruitment and training, medical waste management, data management, and regulatory compliance.

Ramp Health’s in-house staffing department recruited licensed healthcare professionals who have passed all CDC COVID-19 vaccination courses and have been trained to follow meticulous protocols designed by our clinical experts. Our Data Management team created a dedicated portal, customized to the University’s look and feel, for participants to register. Our technology is designed to create a simple and efficient experience that accommodates both appointments and walk-ins, manages all HIPAA authorizations and immunization consents, and provides all documentation and information about the administered vaccine.

Clinical Operations, Healthcare Staffing and Solutions, Logistics, Data Management, and Client Success teams designed and delivered a turn-key clinical implementation plan that achieved all the University’s program requirements. All vaccine recipients’ immunization records were reported to state immunization information systems as part of COVID-19 regulatory requirements.


Ramp Health was praised by the university for successfully delivering a well-planned large-scale vaccination event in only three weeks. All participants easily flowed through the clinic within the two-day event timeframe. Our contact stated, “All of my colleagues loved working with you. We have heard only lovely feedback from everyone. This program was turnkey from start to finish.” She added, “Ramp Health’s’ planning, registration, event set-up, throughput, and breakdown were efficient and seamless.”