Positive Change One Employee at a Time


Health and Wellness Coach, 12 years with Ramp Health
MS in Kinesiology
BS in Exercise Science, minor in Psychology

(Actual Ramp Health provider)


Middle-aged, overweight, sedentary smoker
Maintenance worker; manufacturing Industry
Unlikely to seek help with health issues
(Participant name/image changed for privacy)

John’s Life Changing Transformation

Before Meeting with Lhea

  • Dangerously high blood pressure
  • Actual blood pressure – 170/104
  • Undiagnosed with Diabetes and not satisfied with his current primary care physician
  • Eating out of vending machines
  • Low vitamin D
  • Overweight
  • 1.5 pack a day smoker
  • Inconsistent with self-care
  • Sporadic with taking medications
  • Man of few words


  • Normal blood pressure
  • Actual blood pressure 120/70
  • Diagnosed with Diabetes Mellitus, working with a new primary care physician to lower HbA1c
  • Preparing food at home and bringing it in
  • Educated on the impacts of low Vitamin D levels
  • 10 pounds lighter
  • Down to .75 pack per day
  • Visiting Primary Care Physician regularly
  • Doesn’t miss a dose; sets phone reminders
  • Looks forward to discussion with his Coach

*Individual results vary.

John – A Triumphant Participant

“Your presence on the floor and our consistent meeting schedule keeps me on track.”

“I am able to go longer between cigarettes than I ever thought I could, making quitting seem like something I can do.”

“I am now taking my meds regularly based on your suggestions – alarms on my phone and keeping extras at work in case I forget them.”

“Thanks to our nutrition discussions, I am now bringing in leftovers for lunch instead of buying food out of the vending machine.”

“Thanks to you, I now know the medication I need to take to get my numbers in check.”

A Proud Provider

I am so proud of him. He was an unlikely participant to seek out the service his company was offering through Ramp Health. But over time, and with a lot of persistence on my part, he opened-up and took action to help himself. It wasn’t an easy course of action for him to take, and he had to face and deal with a lot of new diagnoses.

We spent a lot of time discussing the risks of not knowing and, therefore, not treating disease.

I honestly don’t think any of this would have happened without our coaching relationship, and I know he has added years to his life because of it.

That makes me proud.


Health and Wellness Coach, Ramp Health