Provider Spotlight:
MeCia Rembert, Health and Wellness Coach

Ramp Health and our clients are committed to employee populations’ health, safety, and well-being. It’s champions like MeCia, who bring this commitment to life every day!

As a dedicated Health and Wellness Coach, MeCia uses her Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies and Kinesiology to ensure every employee has the support and resources they need to thrive personally and professionally. From one-on-one wellness coaching and education to leading group activities and building long-lasting bonds, MeCia’s passion for health is contagious. Her consistent engagement and emphasis on healthy living are appreciated by the employee population she serves.

MeCia’s commitment goes beyond physical health. She’s a cornerstone of safety initiatives, always there to help when a critical first-response need arises.

Thank you, MeCia, for your dedication and for being such a vital part of the Ramp Health team. Your impact on workplace health and safety is truly invaluable.

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