Impact Onsite Coaching Had On Year-Over-Year Client HRA Results 


This Client Study summarizes the results of our client’s year-over-year analysis of aggregate Health Risk Assessment (HRA) data. HRAs were administered by our client’s insurance carrier to employees at all of our client’s 60 locations. Biometrics were also administered as part of the HRA completion (i.e. BMI, Blood Pressure & Cholesterol), and Tobacco Use was self-reported. A total of 14,000 employees completed the HRA & biometric testing both years, including ≈7,000 employees at locations with an onsite coach and ≈7,000 employees at locations without an onsite coach. The average length of time locations with an onsite coach, had such a coach, was ≈2 years at the time the HRA and biometrics were completed by employees.


Number of employees included in study


Employee coaching engagement was 89% and there were over 50,000 coaching interactions with employees each year at the locations with an onsite coach. The high risk population prevalence rate for the 4 key health risk factors (Obesity, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Tobacco Use) of keen interest to our client was 20-50% lower at locations with an onsite coach. 



Lower risk profile for locations with a coach