Why Spring and Summer Are the Time to Start Planning a Fall Flu Shot Clinic

Nobody likes the flu, especially workplaces. The annual influenza (flu) virus takes up 3.1 million hospitalized days, $16.3 billion from lost earnings due to illness and loss of life, and a total economic burden of a whopping $87.1 billion. Lost productivity makes up the bulk of the economic cost of the flu, says the CDC. They recommend adults get vaccinated in September and October, but planning clinics in the spring and summer is always a good idea.

Don’t wait until fall when flu season has already started. Employers, corporations, health plans, and the government should start planning early. Here are three reasons to begin planning your flu shot clinics now.

1. Health Professionals Do It

Early this spring, the top flu experts in the world will meet. They’ll pool together their research on what flu strains are likely to be strongest this year and should be covered in the flu vaccine. Making enough flu vaccines to cover everyone can take months! If they’re planning it now, it’s never too early for you to do so as well.

2. Finish the Logistics Before Flu Season Starts

Summer will be here before you know it, and then fall and flu season will suddenly begin. We at Ramp Health provide all supplies and handle logistics. You can take a few steps to help your employees!

First, you can pick the best date now for your organization. This will ensure you get the date you want and have the best compliance with your employees. Second, we provide engaging promotion, and by starting early, you can use it to promote the event and educate your company about why flu shots are essential. We give you FAQs, vaccine education, and other engaging communications. Our goal is to exceed industry average participation levels at your flu clinic by making it accessible and convenient.

3. More in-Person Work Can Lead to More Flu Cases

Scheduling a timely flu clinic may be more critical this year than ever. With more companies returning to partial or complete in-person work, flu cases may rise. Even if your company hasn’t changed its in-person work status, other companies have, and your employees will interact with these companies’ workers.

No matter your workplace, we service everyone, everywhere. Our highly trained healthcare professionals can help you plan your flu clinic. Here’s more about our experience:

  • Over 5 million onsite vaccinations administered
  • Over 5,000 vaccination events successfully executed
  • 25,000 trained healthcare professionals nationwide
  • Over 2,500 employer locations serviced
  • And of course, we have professionals local to your organization (in all 50 states)

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) says, “Ramp Health is a responsive contractor that provides very good resources, sound technical approaches, timely communication, and certified staff.” We plan your clinic your way, so reach out today!