Health and Wellness Coach
Cynthia Lanzilloto, RD
5 years with Ramp Health

Steve, 54-year-old Seasoned Editor
Financial Industry

Steve’s Life Changing Transformation

10 Months Ago

  • Pre-diabetic
  • Eating refined carbohydrates
  • Not exercising
  • Not motivated
  • Referred to EAP for stress
  • Struggling with history of Gout
  • Didn’t know where to begin
  • Lack of nutrition knowledge
  • Overweight


  • Staving off diabetes
  • Vigilant about avoiding hidden sugars
  • Swimming 3x per week
  • Encourages others’ healthy habits
  • Happier employee
  • No recent Gout flare-ups
  • Follows consistent health plan
  • Self educates through new resources
  • Reduced body fat; 27 pounds lighter

Steve’s Feedback

“I’ve learned about the importance of having enough water and protein during the day.”

“Everyone can use some help and advice from a wellness professional from time to time, to constantly review our health and evaluate our lifestyle. Bloomberg makes it very easy for us by offering this great value.”

“I am advocating for pantry managers to work more closely with our wellness professionals to offer healthier selections.”

“I learned the better way to exercise and add variety to my weekly routine. I am now more efficient with my time.”

“I have a more positive attitude to come to work so I think this is one of the best benefits Bloomberg offers.”