Five characteristics of a healthy workplace – Working in an environment suitable to your professional and personal requirements is one of the most crucial elements of a successful career. For many, the workplace can be chock full of frustration, pushback, and negativity when it fails to match their desires, highlight their skills, and exceed their expectations. Now more than ever, employees are prioritizing an ideal work environment when considering their opportunities for upward mobility or even their exit strategy. 

Understanding the culture and values of the workplace is crucial for keeping team members happy, growing your business, and contributing positively to your industry overall. Companies can achieve a positive working environment by focusing on their overall culture, supporting employee growth, and making employees feel safe and comfortable. Does your organization exhibit five characteristics of a healthy workplace?

See if the following checklist describes your place of work? If not, a course correction is not only possible; it is essential.

Engaged, Satisfied Employees

The primary characteristic of a healthy workplace is a collectively engaged, satisfied workforce. When employees have the tools they need for success, are actively involved in seeing out the company’s objectives, and truly care about their customers and final product, they are poised to flourish and feel rewarded in the work they are doing. Creating an environment wherein employees find meaning in their efforts — and are rewarded for going above and beyond — is the bedrock of a healthy workplace.

Mutual Respect for Individuals and the Organization

Upholding a professional work atmosphere is a notable characteristic of a healthy workplace. This can include everything from a favorable work-life balance to assurance of equality to respect for diversity and a competitive salary package. Respect, transparency, and open-door communication are crucial for employees to feel that they are valued, and their voice is heard.

Strategic Short- and Long-Term Plans

Implementing strategic short- and long-term plans is paramount not only from a business perspective but an employee satisfaction perspective, as well. Employees that are keen on overarching goals — whether that be at a monthly interval to year-long plan — helps give them the motivation to go the extra mile, help their team members, and feel assured they are part of an environment that sees the forest for the trees.

Achievement of Common Goals

Another characteristic of a healthy workplace is unity, where managers and their staff share common objectives and goals. Where each employee’s interests are vested in corporate cohesiveness and teamwork. Disjointed objectives and siloed initiatives work to fracture a team’s sense of collaboration and cooperation. Unifying a bottom-line objective brings employees together, which ultimately contributes to a healthy workplace.

Optimized Resources

While action-oriented employees who work well together — and feel empowered doing so — are the crux of a healthy workplace, it’s not the end-all-be-all of an environment that’s doing all it can to cater to the needs of their personnel. Organizations must take it a step further and ensure there’s an infrastructure in place for employees to operate within that makes them feel safe, educated, and cared for. These sorts of resources and provisions can include everything from annual flu shot clinics, health screenings, safety and injury prevention coaching, and access to wellness dietitians to work on programs that encourage mental health and wellbeing.

Are You Ready to Ensure a Great Working Environment?

It behooves leaders to provide support and services to maximize employee population health and wellbeing. Proactive employers can deliver comprehensive and customized wellness services to their employees, and everybody wins.

If your workplace fails the “healthy test,” a course correction is not only possible; it’s essential. Let Ramp Health be your trusted partner, and start your team on the road to better health and wellbeing. For more information, contact us today.