The CDC recommends that most people over six months should get a flu shot every year. However, only about 50% of Americans get their flu shot, with scheduling and access being barriers to vaccination. Employers can offer flu shot clinics on-site to improve vaccination rates among employees. Providers like Ramp Health specialize in full-service clinics that meet the needs of a workplace and employees.

Here are five reasons to plan a flu shot clinic for employees:

1. Convenient for Employees

According to the CDC, most people rely on pharmacies and doctors’ offices for flu shots. To get vaccinated at these sites, people must schedule their flu shots around work hours or miss work to get vaccinated. Hosting a flu shot clinic in the workplace gives employees a no-hassle opportunity to get their flu shot without juggling their work schedule.

2. Guarantees Employees Will Have Access to Vaccines

Doctors’ offices and pharmacies may order a set amount of vaccine doses each flu season. If they go through their supply quickly, employees may miss the opportunity to get a flu shot. An on-site flu vaccine clinic will have enough vaccine doses to accommodate everyone in the workplace.

3. Sets Up Ideal Timing to Ensure Immunity Before Peak Flu Season

Flu vaccines reach full efficacy about two weeks after they are administered. The time takes to reach peak immunity is why experts recommend getting the immunization in the early fall before the flu starts circulating widely. When workplaces schedule an on-site flu shot clinic, managers can ensure that employees get their flu shot before the risk of contracting the flu increases.

4. Prevents Absences Due to Flu Over the Winter

The flu is a serious illness, and most people miss several days of work while they’re recovering. A wave of flu-related absences can put significant strain on any workplace. Vaccination prevents employees from getting the flu and prevents the risk of spreading the flu to their co-workers. A workplace flu shot clinic can prevent workplaces from turning into a super-spreader environment, with multiple staff missing work during the same window of time.

5. Higher Vaccine Rates Reduce Flu Spread in the Community

Protecting employees also stops the spread of flu in the greater community. Offering workplace flu shot clinics to vaccinate adults can lower transmission risk for others in their households, including children and older adults. This will prevent staff absences due to caring for sick family members and improve the community’s overall health.

Ramp Health is the Best solution for on-site vaccination clinics. We have experience working with private sector employers and government agencies. Many health plans will cover the cost of flu shots for enrolled employees. Use our simple web form to get more information about scheduling a flu shot clinic in a workplace.