Blue Bell, PA 2/1/24 – Ramp Health, a leader in digital health solutions, and Soter Analytics, an innovator in workplace ergonomics and safety technology, are thrilled to announce a strategic partnership to transform the landscape of workplace health and safety. This collaboration combines Ramp Health’s expertise in high-tech, high-touch risk mitigation programs with Soter Analytics’ cutting-edge wearable technology and analytics to create a safer, healthier, and more productive work environment for employees across all industries.

Innovative Integration for Enhanced Employee Well-being

The partnership will see Ramp Health’s health management platform integrated with Soter Analytics’ wearable devices designed to monitor and analyze workplace movements and ergonomics. This integration will enable a more comprehensive approach to employee health, focusing on prevention and early intervention in workplace-related injuries and illnesses.

Benefits of the Partnership

  • Data-Driven Insights: The collaboration leverages advanced analytics and AI to provide real-time insights into employee health and ergonomics, enabling proactive measures to prevent injuries and promote well-being.
  • Customized Health Programs: Employees will benefit from personalized health programs and recommendations based on their data, fostering a health and safety culture.
  • Increased Productivity and Claims Cost Avoidance: By proactively addressing health and safety, the partnership aims to increase overall productivity and reduce the costs associated with workplace injuries and absenteeism.

Executive Insights

“Soter Analytics closely shares our longstanding commitment to fostering healthier and safer work environments,” stated Rob Putnam, CEO of Ramp Health. “This partnership integrates our comprehensive onsite solutions and patented digital health platform with Soter Analytics’ highly innovative ergonomics and safety technology. We believe our combined efforts are poised to offer employers a new and innovative way to significantly reduce workplace injuries and positively impact the lives of their workers at scale.”

Matthew Hart, Founder & CEO of Soter Analytics, added, “Joining forces with Ramp Health is a significant step towards our goal of reducing workplace injuries through technology. Their health management expertise complements our ergonomic safety approach, creating a powerful tool for employers and employees alike.”

About Ramp Health

Ramp Health is a leading provider of digital health solutions focused on utilizing technology to improve health outcomes. With a range of products from the next-gen digital health platform to wellness programs spanning the continuum of care, Ramp Health is dedicated to fostering healthier lifestyles, workplaces, and communities.

About Soter Analytics

Soter Analytics is a global safety technology company leveraging AI-driven wearables and video ergonomic analysis to develop long-term habit-building and improved safety cultures for manual workers. They empower partners with wearables, AI vision processing, and data analysis to reduce injuries by as much as 86% and improve employee retention and efficiency. Soter is trusted by category leaders such as IKEA, ADVICS & DHL.