Mental health issues are one of the most prevailing workplace problems in the United States and throughout many parts of the world. A 2021 survey found that 76% of employees had at least one symptom of a mental health condition, an 18% increase from 2019.

Poor mental health conditions can lead to anxiety and depression, substance abuse, workplace burnout, and a range of other problems. These issues can lower workplace productivity, increase employee absences, and other adverse effects that will negatively impact the performance of a business and, most importantly, significantly worsen the health and livelihood of employees.

Given the consequences of neglecting mental health, many companies have started new initiatives to improve it in the workplace. Business owners can take a variety of actions to ensure that their employees’ mental needs are supported and taken care of. If you want to create a comfortable environment for employees, here are several methods of promoting mental health in the workplace.

Support Healthy Work-Life Balance

An easy way of promoting mental health in the workplace is by fostering a healthy work and life balance for employees. For example, providing flexible work hours will help employees who have to take care of their families and need extra time for personal responsibilities. Further, allowing employees to work from home remotely helps them be there for children, among other benefits.

Another way you can give more time and flexibility to your employees is by limiting the number of after-work emails they receive. Constantly being online and having to respond to emails can be incredibly stressful and draining, so reducing or eliminating digital correspondence during off-work hours will grant their minds an opportunity to relax and prepare for the next day.

Show Your Support for Mental Health

Upper management that wants to learn how to improve mental health in the workplace should be open about supporting their employees’ well-being. By creating a safe work environment where every voice is heard, nobody will be ignored or feel like their mental state isn’t important.

There are many ways higher-ups can demonstrate their care for their employees. One of the most impactful methods of promoting mental health in the workplace is by normalizing conversations about mental illness. When managers and directors are more open about their own mental health problems, their employees will be more comfortable talking about them too.

Additionally, creating transparent workplace guidelines that enforce these policies will foster a healthier work environment.

Mental Health First Aid Training

The most effective method of promoting mental health in the workplace is by providing employee assistance programs and training. If someone with mental health symptoms doesn’t know what to do or recognize their condition, it can worsen and lead to serious consequences. But with mental health first aid training, employees will be able to identify potential problems before it is too late.

Mental health first aid training is an international education program that has been certified by the national council of mental well-being. However, it does not replace professional mental health care or substitute it as a formal diagnosis. Instead, the training is designed to teach employees about mental health care and provide them with skills to reach out to coworkers who are in need of assistance.

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