Advantage of Wellness Calendars in the Digital Age

Wellness calendars are used to express ideas and emotions that are important to a culture.

A wellness calendar is a powerful motivating tool that displays as wall art.  Art can have a powerful influence on culture by providing a visual representation of shared believes, values and aspirations. Wall calendars may seem old school in the age of digital calendars and apps, but people still like to have a calendar up in a visible place in their office or home. It’s much more convenient to simply glance on the wall and see how many days there are until the weekend!

In reference to solid research, paper calendars are a viable medium for a tangible hands-on approach to help stimulate several areas of the brain and memory, which improves the likelihood of messages being ingrained. Here are some advantages of delivering a personalized wellness calendar to your population:

Increases brand awareness. There is no better way to promote your wellness program in a unique and creative way that aligns with your values. A single catchy tagline and picture can be enough to make your employees smile when they look at it. Wellness calendars can include your logo, and direct access to your wellness portal or benefit site.

Builds goodwill. Anytime you give a thoughtful gift to your employees, you are creating a positive emotion of your company in their minds.

It’s practical and useful. It’s an item that we all use every day, whether we notice it or not, and an excellent tool for referencing monthly challenges, tips and recipes. A wellness calendar in a central location in a home or office space is multisensory input that is always open and available.

Breaking stigma. Stigma causes people to feel ashamed for something that is out of their control and prevents people from seeking the help they need. The 2024 Live Inspired Calendar encourages equality between physical and mental health and includes self-care affirmations and mental health resources.

Creates creative connection in the hybrid workplace. Engagement matters and it is imperative to foster connection through the right mix of virtual programs and strategic communications. Living in the digital age, nothing can replace a tangible tool that hangs physically on the wall, where your employees can look at it year-round, promoting your wellness program and influencing their health decisions.

Cultivates a supportive environment. A whole-health focus that supports emotional, financial physical and social well-being contributes to a culture of health and greater buy-in across your organization.

Affordable. Wellness calendars may seem like an expensive gift, but they are budget friendly, averaging less than the cost of a cup of coffee at a café.

Strategic. Researchers call strategic communications “one of the most critical building blocks” for a successful wellness program. When it comes to well-being promotional products, there’s hardly any that can match the impact of a wall calendar which has a year-long exposure.

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