Employee health and wellbeing are a priority for employers and managers. Modern workplaces understand the value of ensuring that employees are happy, committed to the mission, and feel appreciated at work. Many employers plan an annual calendar of employee engagement initiatives to keep morale high in the workplace.

One type of event that benefits all employees is an on-site flu shot clinic where workers can get a flu vaccine from a qualified healthcare provider. Planning a flu shot clinic doesn’t have to be complicated for managers or take up valuable time when workplaces partner with Ramp Health for turn-key vaccination clinics.

The Value of Flu Shots

The flu is a highly transmissible respiratory virus that spreads during the fall and winter months. People who contract the flu typically need to take several days off work to recover, resulting in an average of $200 per day in lost productivity. Severe cases of the flu can result in extended absences or hospitalization, which can lead to significant direct medical costs.

The flu is vaccine-preventable, and the CDC recommends everyone over the age of 6 months get a flu shot every year. The vaccines are covered by health plans, but many people miss the opportunity to get the immunizations due to the challenge of scheduling an appointment at a doctor’s office or pharmacy. Workplace flu shot clinics eliminate that hassle for employees while reducing the number of flu-related absences in the workplace.

Easy Vaccine Clinic Planning

Planning an on-site vaccine clinic can be as easy as making one phone call. Ramp Health offers full-service workplace flu shot clinics for private sector companies, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Our motto is “You schedule the clinic; we do the rest.”

We take care of everything from setup, to staffing, to supplying the vaccines. We even clean up at the end of the event.

To schedule a vaccine clinic in your workplace, contact us using our webform or call us at 866.894.1300.